Approximately 99% of the shares in issue are held by retail shareholders in the UK and Sweden, either directly or through nominee shareholders; having a high proportion of retail shareholders ensures that Beowulf enjoys strong liquidity.

Shareholders owning more than 3% at 28th February 2017

Shareholders Shares %
TD DIRECT INVESTING 28,683,057 4.75

AIM securities not in public hands 4,415,400 (1%)(held by directors)

Total ordinary shares of 1p each in issue 502,630,331
Options Granted 22,500,000
Fully diluted ordinary shares 525,130,331

Of the total number of options in issue 10,166,666 options have not yet vested.

AIM Shareholders

The Company’s AIM shares trade under the ticker BEM. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s AIM securities and no shares are held in treasury.

Swedish Shareholders

HSBC bank in London act as an agent for the custodian bank, SEB ( in Stockholm. Lodged shares cannot be traded on AIM as they are, literally, the security behind the SDR (Swedish Depository Receipts). As at 28th February 2017, there were 273,102,736 SDR’s issued representing 54.33% of the issued share capital of the Company.

When lodged the custodian bank issues an SDR for every lodged AIM listed share.

A holder of an SDR has all the rights, privileges and benefits of a Beowulf AIM shareholder.

SDR’s can then be traded on the AktieTorget market (ticker: BEO).

Please note that the above figures are subject to change and will be updated as and when further information is available.

Trading Platform AIM

Beowulf Mining trades on SETSqx, providing a narrower spread and promoting liquidity.

Previously the Company traded on SETS and had a spread of over 40% due to anonymous bids and offers that have distorted and accentuated the bid and offer price. The Company’s move to SETSqx has significantly narrowed the spread.

Whilst the Board believes the narrower spread has improved the stocks profile in the market, the stock continues to have an auction four times a day (at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4.35pm) when there is still the opportunity for anonymous investors to work an order.