Beowulf Mining plc

Beowulf Mining plc is a Nordic focused, multi commodity, exploration and development company with a portfolio of assets in Sweden, Finland and Kosovo.

Sweden is one of the Europe’s leading mining nations and iron ore producers. The Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) reports that the number of mines has fallen from around 240 in 1900 (mines and mining fields) to 12 in 2019, while production has gone in the opposite direction. In 2019, ore production was 86.5 million tonnes. In 2021, LKAB, the state iron ore company, produced 26.7 million tonnes of iron ore. The Company’s most advanced project is the Kallak iron ore asset in northern Sweden from which testwork has produced a ‘market leading’ magnetite concentrate of 71.5 per cent iron content. For Kallak North and South combined, a Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource of 132 Mt grading 27.8 per cent iron and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 39 Mt grading 27.1 per cent iron has been defined.

Kallak - Iron OreÅtvidaberg – Metals
Finland was ranked second in the world for investment attractiveness (a combination of policy and mineral potential) by the Fraser institute in 2019, and is the highest ranked European country. With an estimated turnover of EUR 1.5 billion, the Finnish mining sector is dominated by foreign owned companies.
In Finland, the Company is developing the Aitolampi graphite asset, which has a contained graphite resource of 1,275,000 tonnes, possessing almost perfect crystallinity, an important prerequisite for high tech applications, such as lithium ion batteries.
Aitolampi – GraphiteRääpysjärvi – GraphiteKarhunmäki - Graphite

In Kosovo, the Company owns 61.1%% per cent. of Vardar Minerals, which is exploring in the Tethyan Belt, a major orogenic metallogenic province for gold and base metals.

Vardar is a private UK registered exploration company with a focus on the metal endowed Balkan region and one of the first companies to be awarded exploration licences in Kosovo. Vardar is exploring the Mitrovica and Viti projects, both of which are located within the Tethyan Belt, a major orogenic metallogenic province for gold and base metals which extends from the Alps (Carpathians/Balkans) to Turkey, Iran and Indochina, and contains several world class discoveries.

Mitrovica - Lead/Zinc/SilverWolf MountainMajdan PeakMitrovica SouthViti – Metal Creek Porphyry Target