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Forward-looking statements

Certain statements included in this website constitute “forward-looking statements” which involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may affect the results, performance or achievements of Beowulf Mining.

Mineral exploration and, ultimately, the development of mineral deposits are activities subject to significant risks. The probability of success for any given exploration programme cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty. It is impossible to know whether the current exploration programmes of Beowulf Mining will ultimately result in a profitable, commercial mining operation.

The ultimate economic value of a discovery and the decision to bring a project into production are based on a number of factors including the attributes of the mineral deposit, market conditions, mining costs, availability of financing, confirmation of land title, environmental considerations, mining permits and political conditions. At any point in time throughout the exploration and evaluation process, results and external conditions can adversely affect its progress and outcome.

Investment in an exploration venture is highly speculative. Although there are examples in the industry showing that the returns on such investment can be proportionate to the investment risk, there is no guarantee that any current or future activities of Beowulf Mining will ultimately lead to similar returns for its shareholders.