• The Pitkäjärvi and Aitolampi graphite prospects were new discoveries in 2016, and are eastern extensions to the Haapamäki prospect. Haapamäki is in eastern Finland approximately 40 kilometres (“km”) southwest of the well-established mining town of Outokumpu.
  • Fennoscandian has 100 per cent owned Claim Reservations over two areas, 96.58 square kilometres (“km²”) at Haapamäki and 96.77km² at Pitkäjärvi, and a 100 per cent owned Exploration Permit, over 10 hectares, named Pitkäjärvi 1.


  • The area has several historic graphite workings, the locations of which correspond to ground and airborne electromagnetic (“EM”) anomalies. The graphite occurs as high grade lenses hosted by mica-bearing gneisses; the metamorphic grade is typically upper amphibolite to granulite facies. Mapping and Slingram EM surveys conducted by Fennoscandian and Åbo Akademi during 2015 identified extensive conductors with potential for graphitic carbon mineralisation around historic workings at Käärmerinne and Suurenkahanvuori.
  • Grab samples taken from mine workings yielded assays ranging from 48 per cent graphitic carbon (“Cg”) to 67.7 per cent Cg. Historic studies have also reported visually estimated flake sizes ranging 0.1-2.0 millimetres (“mm”).

2016/2017 Work Programmes

  • Pitkäjärvi and Aitolampi are areas of graphitic schists on a fold limb, coincidental with an extensive EM anomaly. Many of the EM zones are obscured by glacial till, but graphite observations in road cuttings and outcrops are also associated with abundant EM anomalies.
  • Testwork on composite samples for Pitkäjärvi and Aitolampi has produced concentrate grades of 94.5 per cent Total Carbon (“Ct”) and 94.7 per cent Ct, respectively.
  • A secondary cleaning circuit produced grades of at least 95.7 per cent Ct in all size fractions between 65 mesh and 200 mesh (210-75 micron), with the highest grade of 97.4 per cent Ct obtained from the -80/+100 mesh (180-150 micron) size fraction for Pitkäjärvi (test MET-03-3). Most of the carbon in the samples was associated with graphite, with only small amounts of organic carbon and carbonate carbon.
  • Flake size analysis for Pitkäjärvi concentrate showed 83 per cent fine (<150 micron), 5.6 per cent medium (150-180 micron) and 11.4 per cent large/jumbo (+180 micron) flakes.
  • Flake size analysis for Aitolampi concentrate showed 78.3 per cent fine, 8.8 per cent medium and 12.9 per cent large/jumbo flakes.
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (“ICP-OES”) scans and whole-rock analysis showed no elevated concentrations of typical deleterious elements.
  • All testwork was performed by SGS Mineral Services in Canada.
  • On 22 February 2017, the Company started a 1,150m drilling programme at Aitolampi, which will support resource definition and provide sample material for assay and metallurgical testwork.