• The Piippumäki graphite project is in south eastern Finland approximately 45 kilometres (“km”) southwest of the town of Mikkeli.
  • Fennoscandian has a 100 per cent owned Claim Reservation over an area of 94.68 square kilometres (“km²”).


  • Historic small-scale mining for graphite has taken place in the area, with old workings corresponding to ground and airborne electromagnetic (“EM”) anomalies. The graphite is hosted by feldspar quartz and mica schists, associated with upper amphibole to granulite grade metamorphic rocks.
  • Slingram EM surveys conducted by Fennoscandian and Åbo Akademi during 2013 and 2015 have demonstrated two conductive zones of possible graphite schist along a strike extent of up to 2km, with outcrop grab samples indicating grades of 5-10 per cent graphitic carbon (“Cg”) (analysis performed by Sintef Molab AS, Norway). Fieldwork has also visually identified occurrences of coarse flake graphite
  • The Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Åbo Akademi University conducted testwork in February 2013 on a sample from Piippumäki. Findings showed high quality graphite flakes with visible hexagonal growth, and physical characteristics reportedly similar to synthetic graphite